Unstoppable Consciousness highlights entrepreneurs, empaths, nonconformists and mavericks who never felt that they fit into the world and how they were able to rise and become incredibly enlightened and illuminated.

Through my own personal story of past physical, mental and sexual abuse and a life changing experience that could have left me dead, I know that when the spirit speaks, you must listen with your full heart. Spirit is what brought me from the brink of emotional and spiritual bankruptcy and near death to the summit of spiritual and loving healing.

The purpose of my show it to encourage and inspire those who are feeling unworthy, lost or unsure of what changes they need to make. Inspiring and real stories from people who have been through the process and come out into the light of the other side is exactly what the world needs.


About: Lisa LaJoie, owner of Tapping Into It, Inc., is a high-performance mentor and intuitive business strategist for entrepreneurs and 7 figure business owners.  A dynamic force with fierce faith in the soul's human potential, Lisa empowers entrepreneurs, business owners and seekers of consciousness to unlock their innate power by learning to trust and tap into their own intuitive intelligence.

She uses her gift of heightened intuition to tune in and help her clients quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, easily navigate life’s changing experiences, negotiate like a boss, reach new business successes, find purpose, passion and profits, develop solid business boundaries and connect to their higher calling.


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