Are you a seeker of higher frequencies?

Are you longing to understand the source of your power?

Can you feel your personal power bubbling under the surface?

Do you long to know your Soul as it's your ultimate life partner?


Wouldn't it be nice to just believe in you?

Imagine having a deeper understanding of what makes you the most important cosmic force in your life!

Imagine if your intuitive gifts were activated! You'd hear, sense, and know your inner guidance intimately. 

Now imagine how you would feel if you had a deep faith in yourself. 

What would change for you at that moment, doesn't the thought of that feel incredible?



Unlock the miracles of your Soul!

Upgrade your personal awareness of Your true source of energy.

Stop using the stress of deadlines and being busy to drive you forward, tap into Infinite Energy instead!



The takeaways for me were, even though I am an intuitive person, the guidance and the exercises that Lisa taught us, whether it was daily meditations, protecting my energy, tuning into my chakras, how the chakras function, tuning into my Soul, it’s purpose, higher self, angels, spirit guides, the creator, the name it, Lisa touched on all of those.  --MARIANNE VO

In These Masterclasses, You'll Learn That


Everyone has intuition, energetic power, a soul with purpose and an entire energetic team living right inside supporting them.

How powerful would your daily choices be if you could connect with your spirit team in a meaningful way?

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Are you experiencing the pain of not knowing why your Soul chose you?

You long to understand what is the purpose your soul has for you and why you.

What is it you are here to do together?

This challenge will help you discover your Soul.

What about your Soul tribe, your helpers on the other side? Do you know what they are doing for you?

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Did you know your intuition works with you directly?

Are you unaware of where it is and what it it doing for you?

Do you know how powerful it is in your life trying to help you understand yourself?

Your intuitive gifts have so much to offer you do you long to hear those messages.

Exploring how to hone in on those skills will be exposed. 

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Do you fully embody your chakra system and its basic fundamentals in your cosmic awareness?

Do you wonder what this energy matrix that is you actually does?

Do you wonder why you attract crazy shit in your life and can't figure out why?

Do you know you can heal your life with these powerful bad boys living inside you?

I bet you would love to know what secrets they have to tell you?

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Do you sometimes feel oppressed by others just from being around them?

Have trouble saying NO to people in your life and end up drained and strained?

Do you wonder how your energy calls people and situations towards you?

Wouldn't it be amazing to understand what you are magnetizing?

Imagine knowing how to pinpoint your energy leaks and being able to block any negative energy coming at you from others.



Lisa is amazing, what a great mentor, what a great teacher. She says it how it is so if you are not able to handle that, she is not the teacher for you. She really lets it all out and tells you what it is so you need to be ready to listen to all of that and have an open mind and really be honest with yourself and be honest with her. It’s going to be an amazing relationship for you guys and your evolution is going to be that much quicker.  --T

All The Tools You Need To Build A Genuine Connection To Your Consciousness

The information I will share with you will blow you away! Let's face it, you don't know what you don't know.

Most people aren't clairvoyants and mediums and do not HAVE the knowledge to harness their power . . . like I had to learn to do!

Most people not only don't know how much-untapped power they have inside but more importantly, they have no idea where to begin to harness this power and how to begin to use it to their advantage!

I am giving you my tools to embrace your energy, your intuition, your gifts, and your Spirit Team! Through this empowering connection to your consciousness, you become a masterful co-creator of your life, side by side with the Cosmos!

Hi! I'm Lisa LaJoie, business intuitive and consciousness mentor. I help people who are seeking higher levels of personal transformation and evolution, and business owners who want to be ahead of their success opportunities. I am a clairvoyant success coach, speaker, intuition expert and entrepreneur.

I was born with the gift of receiving messages from Spirit. Today, I use this gift to tune in and help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, easily navigate life changing experiences, reach new business successes, find soul and life purpose, passion and profits. I help clients skyrocket their abundance and connect to their higher calling.

I want you to find what I found the deepest aspect of yourself and the power of who you are. I want you to fully embody the unseen world leading you to become the Soul powered being that you are underneath all the human fluff and find a new level of self discovery and mastery.

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