When you let go find your piece of PEACE.



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Peace is a mindset.

Peace is internal guidance.

Peace is a state of unconditional acceptance.

Peace is a path to self-love.

Peace is powerful.

Peace is illumination.

Peace is a consciousness of love.

Peace is a path to clarity + confidence.

Peace is a result of letting go of expectations.

Peace leads you to purpose.

Peace creates wealth within.

Peace is a state of mind that creates space for your higher potential self.

By embracing a peaceful mindset you gain a new perspective in your life, one that gives you a new pathway to your true self, one that opens you up to the Universe with more trust, a mindset that connects you to your life path plus wholeness and to new levels of certainty about your reason for being here on this planet. 

When you choose to use and put yourself into a peaceful mindset you let go, you surrender and allow life and the Universe to infiltrate you and reveal the steps to take for your best course of actions to succeed. 

When you let go you win because in letting go you can intuitively hear the guidance available to you.

When you release expectations and fill that space instead with peaceful mindset strategies you accelerate your growth path to purpose.

So, how do you start the practice and persuade peace to grow? 

You need to find a new desired lifestyle, you need to stop moving so fast and stop for a minute and think differently about all situations. You must make a different intention about how you handle things and decide to create a new mindset path. 

Decide to change the way you are living, the way you think, the way you act, the way you have been doing it. Get brazen and change your actions and focus on reconstructing your mindset with deep dedication. 

Basically, if you are living in stress and fear and disconnection it's time to plug back in by changing all of the ways you behave which work against you.

Most high-performing empaths are on the move, overgiving, overdoing and they don’t realize they are out of alignment to their own path and purpose. If this is you know this, you are keeping yourself from your own bliss by focusing on the outside world and that has severe side effects and consequences that are truly not worth experiencing. 

You need to reconnect to yourself and your truth, your heart's desires and your profound ability as an empath to trust and surrender. It's time for you to listen again to your own innate guidance system by eliminating all the external distractions and expectations from others and trust what you know intuitively. Dive back into your true self. Jump into your being and the truth of who you are and discover what you need and what your Soul needs from you.

Here are 3 simple ways to welcome peace into your life.

1. Release your secrets

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

Dalai Lama XIV


It’s no secret, I’m not a fan of secrets. I can guarantee that yours are hurting you and keeping your inner peace far from reach. Open your heart by owning your stories and releasing them. Write down the memories haunting your mind- the ones you deny even exist, the ones that pop up at random times and steal your peace.

I can sympathize with people who remain wounded by their individual stories, who lose their compassion and ability to forgive. What you have lived has harmed your heart and stolen your ability to trust the outer world.

To go back to peace is to release these inner pains. Find a therapist, an energy healer, get one of my spiritual reading, read some really amazing self-help books, release your frustrations and learn to let go of the past.


2. Let people be themselves (especially you)

“Peace of mind comes from not wanting to change others.”

Gerald G. Jampolsky, Love Is Letting Go of Fear

Words to live by. When we let people be themselves, we’re able to find peace with those we never thought we could. All you have to do is stop fighting about your differences and/or telling people who you think they should be and let them be, surrender your expectations and learn to share your preferences. If they belong in your life they will stay if they don’t you will know because they do not care about your boundaries or needs

Often in relationships, we have expectations. We wait and wait for the other person to meet those expectations, only to realize that it’s never going to happen because the other person is just not capable. They’re not built the same as you, that’s all.

It’s important to let people be who they are. You must lead by example, through loving expression not hate or force. This is when miracles can happen with those most likely not to change. When we accept we offer the highest level of love and this generates impeccable results.


3. Accept the things you can’t change

“Allowing Peace to take its path to you” -Lisa LaJoie

Many of my clients come to me because they don’t have peace within this is often because they don’t have self-worth, boundaries and self-honouring. They don’t know how to access their intuition which is trying to lead them to their answers, they don’t have emotional intelligence muscles built yet and they follow instead of lead because of this. What they do have is the conditioning of their past, limiting beliefs and a skewed self-perspective often they don’t even know who they are.

Let us focus on building new attitudes of gratitude and creating beliefs that transform us and release us from doubtful thinking into peaceful and truth-seeking thinking. 

What I’ve seen time and again is that people are preoccupied with trying to control the things they cannot change. The key ingredient to the practice of peace is accepting what we can change and changing it. 

I offer this beautiful small prayer in closing: “God/Universe grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Thank you and so it is."

If you want help to identify and release the things that take the peace out of your life you can listen to this podcast show read more about how I can help here: let's work together!

Big Love,



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Receive free weekly intuitive tips + tools to create the life + business you want, delivered straight to your inbox.

Note: We collect, use, and process your data according to our privacy policy.