Sabine Messner

5D Business Consultant and Human Design Soul Catalyst

"Lisa LaJoie is not only the archetype of a leader's leader. She is a diamond cutter. I recently had the privilege of working very closely with the phenomenal Lisa LaJoie, who is so radically self-actualized, she sparks! Through the lens of working with her in Human Design, I was able to witness her rare and precious genius. Triumphant personal leadership paired with the kind of deep, heart-based wisdom that only old Souls carry, topped with a sharp, dynamic mind, Lisa is destined to ignite leaders into living their most radiant legacy. Whether you face personal or professional challenges or look to hone in on your mastery, she will liberate you to reach your peak and fulfill your purpose."

Stacey Hylen

Business Optimizer Coach 

"I didn’t know what to expect when working with Lisa but she came highly recommended from a friend and now Lisa has become an integral part of my team. She helps me see where I am stopping myself and how to unblock it. She helps me sort through mental clutter and overwhelm and gives me direction as to which things to focus on in my business that are right for me. She is tough and all love at the same time."

When you start a business, even though you can count on a supportive family and a great circle of friends, you still feel very alone in your journey. Lisa has been, and still is, instrumental in helping me find my way and get the perspective I need to succeed. I’m a very rational and business minded guy and I will be honest with you, it’s frightening to realize how relevant she is in her interventions. She pinpoints what matters the most at this moment in time and helps you reflect on it to determine what is the next best course of action. It’s a healthy balance between helping you become a better version of yourself and providing guidance.
Starting a firm is a process and it’s the way Lisa helps you through discussions, homework, concepts to bring you a clearer mindset and honest reflections. She started by guiding me in exploring and assessing the entrepreneurial route. That involved getting through a lot of personal questioning, doubts, fears, and some BS as well… She’s good at cutting through all of this to focus on the real stuff. As much for you as for your business. And then, she followed in helping me considerably in getting my business model finalized and structured.
All that work paid off because one, I’m more confident in the financial potential of my plan and two, it’s much more complete and credible. The proof of this is in the number of talented people that are attracted by it.She really helped me build my confidence and take ownership of my future. Without her, I would have piled up many mistakes that could have led me to abandon my ambition. Today, I’m glad I persisted and I’m grateful that I can count on her along my side. I used many coaches in my professional life and now that I’m paying for coaches myself, I want the best for my money. And this is Lisa.

-Sylvain Roy, Daleo Capital

Lisa Steadman

Wow. Whew! And Woohoo! I’ve worked with a lot of intuitives, but no one has EVER connected so quickly or so deeply as you did, Lisa. In under two hours, you helped me pinpoint my business blind spots, identified the power projects I should focus on, and helped me create a lasting connection with MY Source Code of Success!

Erika Lyremark

Lisa is the B.O.M.B. Street smart, biz smart & soul smart she gets me and she will get you. She can tap into what’s going on & where you need to go, like no other. Highly recommended.

Business Design Coach, Daily Whip.

Peggy McColl

Lisa LaJoie is absolutely a master at what she does. She over-delivers, which is a rare experience in today’s marketplace. I highly recommend her as she is tapped in and tuned in to her greatness and it will help you bring out yours.

Tammy Italiano

Les Petits Bio Daycare Owner

"As a personal/spiritual coach, Lisa’s approach and guidance are invaluable to me. She has been an integral part of my growth and transformation both as a woman and as a business owner.  Over the past two years she has helped me heal past pain, take ownership and responsibility for myself, build a business that is in alignment with my heart, and soul purpose, and so much more. She continues to challenge me to acknowledge and shift limiting beliefs and work through aspects of myself that stand in my way.
Looking back at how far I have come, my heart is filled with love and gratitude for having Lisa cross my path. I honestly don’t believe I would be where and who I am today without her guidance and support. "

Marianne Van Oyen


Even though I am a highly trained and a successful psychologist, I am a human being first which means that I have my own journey of healing and well being that I have been on since childhood. Working with Lisa has brought me insights, methods of how to be my best self, healing opportunities, meditation and spiritual practices and how to raise the bar to living my true and higher potential self. I am truly grateful ♥️🙏

Tatiana Dudyez

Business Coach

I love you… I really do. You are part of my soul journey and I cannot imagine not seeing you to simply..have a soul check! Everyone should have a coach, someone to talk to… And everyone should have a spirit guide like you ! I have been through so much with you…
I am so dedicated to my growth, yet you have been THE major instrument in the concert of my life!
I love you, love sharing with you.
Thank you for being you !

Suzannah Baum

Speaker Coach

I have been working with Lisa for 3 years and in that time she has helped me break through old habits of sabotage in my professional and personal life. She holds me accountable and makes me see my truth whether I want to or not. This has been the key element in our coaching and in my success. I have reached new levels in my professional career and on my way to becoming a CEO. I have more peace in my life and feel more empowered. I would not be where I am today without her guidance, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to my growth.


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Christine Joy Décary

Graphic Designer

Before I met Lisa I lacked structure in my business and wasted energy in the wrong areas. With her laser-focused insights, Lisa was able to highlight the major issues holding me back and shared empowering guidance for manifesting abundance. She mentored me with patience, support, and also a little loving ass-kicking when I needed it! I am so grateful to her! Seriously, she offers clear and actionable advise without the woohoo. If you want to make changes in your life or business quickly without the fuss, Lisa is your person! After working with Lisa and up-leveling myself, I’m not only a smarter business woman and a more conscious individual, I also now attract more clients. I just had my first 4K day!

Shari Reinhart


Before working with Lisa I was all over the place telling myself how busy I am, feeling frustrated by lack of efficiency and overwhelmed with the details of so many tasks to complete in my various projects.
After just one session with Lisa I had no doubt she was the right person to help me focus my attention on one thing at a time and most especially – to go with my gut. I am progressing nicely with the book I started to write months ago, I am clear on the direction I want to take with the networking group I founded and above all else, when I work with Lisa I know there is no agenda on her part other than to guide, mentor and accompany me to my next best place. Five stars on five stars so yes, give Lisa a call and get started today!

Sue-Anne Hickey


Lisa’s gift is in helping her clients uncover their true potential and taking their personal and business lives to a totally new level. Lisa helped me to see where I was blocked and gave me exercises to do to break through the barriers that had been holding me back. Lisa used her intuitive abilities as well as her marketing know-how to find ways in which I could increase my business. She gave me the idea that I could be interviewed in the Montreal Gazette, something I never would have thought of. The fabulous article that was written about me gave me amazing exposure and brought in about 15 new clients. Lisa has helped me so much both in my personal development and in increasing my business.

Lisa Larter

Business Consultant

If you don’t know Lisa LaJoie perhaps you may want to. I have to say, her intuitive guidance made an incredible difference to me when I was in the hospital. I will be forever grateful for the thought provoking questions she asked me that helped me see my situation differently, her ability to help me let go of some emotional baggage that was causing stress in my life and for the channeled guidance she gave me to calm my spirit during crisis. The day of surgery, she offered me some words and thoughts to make myself feel calm and to embrace what was happening. She is a real gift in this world and I adore her and trust her implicitly. She is amazing. If you’ve ever wondered about working with someone like her, she is the real deal. Honest, beautiful, caring and full of love and I can’t recommend her enough.

Miriam Pearl

Delicious Without Gluten

So blessed to have found Lisa in a difficult time in my life. She helped point me in the right direction and made me think and understand what I needed to do in my personal and business life. Her workshop gave me further clarity on how to love myself and to finally understand what that means. I now have the tools and an understanding that has enriched my life greatly and has opened the doors to many amazing possibilities! xoxox

Steve Lundy

“I was introduced to Lisa 6 years ago through a friend who told me about the extraordinary gift that was bestowed upon this wonderful lady. My first session with Lisa was over the phone and I was blown away. The guidance she gave me in can only be described as a conversation with my soul. In subsequent sessions she shared information that I continue to benefit from today. Lisa has been there to provide inspiration through difficult periods in my life and I count myself blessed to be able to call her a friend.”

Ellie K. Borden


Lisa has an incredible gift of helping people gain clarity, focus, happiness, and accountability. I love her refreshing and direct kick ass approach to tapping into exactly what is blocking progress and her ability to help her clients find their fearlessness. I have no doubt that Lisa can help anyone become fierce and successful in life, career, and business. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with me and helping me achieve laser focus and direction for my multiple businesses! You are a true soulspiration!

Melanie Richards

HappyTree Yoga 

Before I started working with Lisa, I was frozen in the same pattern of avoidance and anxiety. I had lost faith in myself, my business, my path and above all in Spirit. I felt alone and afraid.
Since I started regular coaching sessions over the phone with Lisa 2 years ago, the changes in my life and my business have been extraordinary. Her insight and honest advice have helped me reconnect with my “spark”, find appreciation for my life and renewed my enthusiasm for and faith in my business and life-path. She lovingly kicks my ass and helps me through difficult decisions so that I can stay true to my spirit, live a life of meaning and have fun doing it! Owner of Happy Tree Yoga Studio.

Taking Spiritual Mastery with Lisa LaJoie has been such a gift. It’s been the best gift that I’ve ever given myself, to be honest. I wanted to add spirituality to my daily routine, to my daily practice. I’ve always been a very spiritual person and done a lot of transformational work along the way, but what was missing was the discipline, the focus, the concentration, the ongoing support that comes along with the Spiritual Mastery course. 
Every week you get your lesson, every week you get something new to listen to, something to meditate on, and a new part of yourself to explore. It’s awesome, it’s fun, it’s challenging and it was the best ride of a class that i have ever taken. I would highly recommend this Spiritual Mastery course with Lisa. If you’re on the fence at all, don’t hesitate, give yourself this gift and explore yourself and take it to another level. - Renee O.

Check out SIMM - Spiritual Intuitive Mastery Mentoring

Angela Podolsky

Lisa has a unique way to open your eyes to things that you have never seen before and makes you understand how to achieve your goals both personally and professionally. I recommend her to anyone that wants to up their game or just understand better whats stopping them from achieving their goals. Thank you Lisa for everything! Working with Lisa was the biggest gift I ever give to myself.

Julie Habart Tiberghien


I have been working with Lisa on my professional and personal development for several month now. I see a tremendous improvement in various fields of my life, with more clarity and focus in everything I do, empowered by a better understanding of my beliefs, limits and capacities.Lisa is gifted, straight to the point, efficient and most of all kind and authentic. Her services are a key for any business or any individual who wishes to move on in a fast and efficient way.


Lisa has access to sharp perceptions and profound insight. She deepened my confidence about things I knew but doubted, simplified what had been complex, and shone light in some of my shadows and blind spots. The result: I feel aligned with my path and purpose, with new clarity about what I need to do next.

Violet Lange

Relationship Mentor

Thank you Lisa for an incredible session last week! I have so much energy and enthusiasm now and total clarity too! I’m excited about the work you helped me map out to launch with my husband. And I’m totally grateful for the guidance about my team–I’ve already made some changes and feel so much more aligned and lighter. I’ve never had so much actionable vision for now and the next 5 years of my life. Watch out world!  Thank you Lisa!

Dr. Alexandra Triendl N.D.

Lisa and I have been working together for almost a decade and she has guided and helped me achieve my personal, academic and business goals. She brings incredible insight, integrity and creative solutions to any challenge. As my own intuitive abilities grew she guided me through some very tough and confusing times. She provided the tools I needed to move through my process and I am grateful to call her my mentor. I continue to work with Lisa building my awareness. It is an empowering experience!

Yasmin Fudakowska

Yasmin Yoga

I have come to understand that rising to full potential and blossoming into greatness takes a community of cheerleaders, advisors, coaches and friends. It is not easy to overcoming obstacles on your own. I am infinitely grateful to Lisa LaJoie for being this mentor to me. Lisa is a master mind. The encouragement and wisdom she has shared with me over the years has given me wings and courage to travel further than I thought possible.

Chris Werb

When I met Lisa 5 years ago, she challenged me hardcore to live fearlessly, which I struggled with for many years. A couple years later I met with Lisa again, she invited my soul into my life. My heart and my life were changed forever. Lisa doesn’t give you the answers. She challenges you in every way to search within yourself for the answers and when you find them you are left empowered and alive. Lisa believes in the love in her own soul and showed me how to believe in mine.
Thank you for the beautiful gift, Lisa.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for the past couple of years. Lisa has helped me develop tremendously both personally and professionally over the past two years. Her honestly, encouragement, insight and professionalism has made her my go-to business and life coach. One meeting with Lisa and you will see why she is one of the highest regarded professionals in her field.

-Daniel Silverman

Jenny Johnston

Quantum EFT Healer

“Lisa comes from a place of light, and is completely aligned to a higher place. I have worked with lots of psychic mediums and Lisa doesn’t just give you a reading, she leaves you with great “homework” that you find compelled to explore. As an intuitive who works in the space of healing, I found Lisa to be the most tuned in healer I ever worked with. Not only does Lisa totally tune into my higher power, she accurately and completely tapped into the souls of my children and I was blown away by what I learned. Lisa gets right to the core, and will amaze you with the laser focused insight she leaves you with. Not only that, but Lisa is very practical and brings solutions that are really meaningful. I felt my head nodding with almost everything she said.”

Jennifer Lynn Walker

Jolly Green Homes

I have come to understand that rising to full potential and blossoming into greatness takes a community of cheerleaders, advisors, coaches and friends. It is not easy to overcoming obstacles on your own. I am infinitely grateful to Lisa LaJoie for being this mentor to me. Lisa is a master mind. The encouragement and wisdom she has shared with me over the years has given me wings and courage to travel further than I thought possible.

Lama Farran 

Money Coach

Lisa has an amazing natural intuition, which she uses to help her clients see what they can’t see by themselves. I was going through an emotional downturn, but consulting Lisa and trusting her strong intuition was like suddenly having night vision goggles in the midst of that dark space. She can literally see through a person’s darkness and help them shine a light. Her spiritual approach makes her so humane and so easy to open up to. She’s simply a generous loving soul, who is giving us the honor of experiencing her natural gifts.

Robert Quint


She is very affable and you are drawn to her right away. She has a way of getting you to open up which is very organic and non-intrusive. Lisa’s energy level is very high and is very contagious, elevating the energy level of anyone that comes in contact with her. The environment that Lisa creates is very relaxed and effective. She creates an environment that is non-judgemental, as she is non-judgemental and is not afraid to share her own life experiences. We had a very lovely group with people of both sexes, different ages and stories. We were quickly able to see that we had an underlying shared life experience and that what we all “lacked” was very similar. In just 3 hours, Lisa was able to get us to recognize what that was and helped us start working on our respective life solutions. She makes you feel very much at ease and you are thus focused on working toward a solution rather than trying to avoid some sort of personal embarrassment. Lisa is professional and respects everyone’s space and at no time forces her way of thinking on you. Lisa is very good at providing guidance and at working with you rather than through you. Although I feel that we made lots of progress in a 3-hour session, she is also available for personal coaching and offers many other very helpful seminars/workshops should we feel the need to go further. I wholeheartedly endorse the work that Lisa is doing and encourage you to see for yourself.

Kimberly Berry

Mindset Mentor

I had met Lisa at a conference I attended a few months ago. I was somewhat of a skeptic about her content, but curious about her gifts at the same time. I was shocked and delighted by her presentation at the event. Her story was engaging, compelling, and authentic. I had a 1:1 session a few months later, and she did not disappoint. I've enjoyed working with Lisa to gain deep insight to blocks and challenges I had been facing. I encourage anyone who may feel a bit hesitant to work with Lisa to take a leap of faith, you will not regret it. 

Suzanne B

Ottawa Business Events

I’ve been working with Lisa for 3 years and in that time she has helped me break through old habits of sabotage in my professional and personal life. She holds me accountable and makes me see my truth whether I want to or not. This has been the key element in our coaching and in my success. I have reached new levels in my professional career and on my way to becoming a CEO. I have more peace in my life and feel more empowered. I would not be where I am today without her guidance, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to my growth.

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