Do you want to understand your purpose and develop your potential? If that you, you've landed in the right place. What I do is help you understand, connect, align and unlock your inner power and your Soul.

I am Lisa LaJoie owner and creator of Tapping Into It an Intuitive Intelligence Growth Centered Company and we are ready to support you!


If you are a seeker of personal growth and self-transformation or an Entrepreneur who wants the path to more aligned profits and purpose? Let's talk! I would love to help you understand, connect and unlock your SOUL purpose and activate your Higher Potential.

Below are the ways we can work together!

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How we can support you!

Intuitive Guidance + Personal Growth

One-on-one intuitive consulting sessions and private coaching. For those ready to stop holding themselves back and who instead want to get themselves aligned to their true self, this is for you. 

These private sessions and packages deliver the needed guidance on many subjects and personal development to get you aligned and into a powerful place in order to create your desired life and business. 


Programs + Masterminds

Courses and Masterminds for Spiritual Mastery and spiritual empowerment to help you ascend into your true energetic self on all levels. 

Masterminds for evolutionary entrepreneurs to develop their intuitive intelligence in business and ascend as high performers to achieve greater success and uplevel their businesses.


Business Consulting

Experience a business breakthrough with this intuitively forensic overview of what you are planning for upcoming projects.

Generating your purposeful profits with this accelerator session can save you much wasted time and energy. Get your projects and purpose-based work to the next level with my signature Intuitive business breakthrough session.


Client Success

Business Coach

Lisa is the B.O.M.B. Street smart, biz smart & soul smart she gets me and she will get you. She can tap into what’s going on & where you need to go, like no other. Highly recommended.

Erika Lyremark

Psychologist, Artist

Even though I am a highly trained and a successful psychologist, I am a human being first which means that I have my own journey of healing and well being that I have been on since childhood. Working with Lisa has brought me insights, methods of how to be my best self, healing opportunities, meditation and spiritual practices and how to raise the bar to living my true and higher potential self. I am truly grateful ♥️🙏.

Marianne Van Oyen

Performance Coach

Having played professional hockey, I had the privilege of being coached by the top coaches in the world. I can honestly say that none of them got me to look as deeply and honestly at myself as Lisa did. 

Susan Hobson

 #1 Amazon Best Seller

"The Business of Intuition"

You start a business with high vibes and purpose you can create massive success. It has a current of energy created from a vision deep in your heart — your entrepreneurial dream. 

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